A good way to control paper flow?

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Question by ∞Infinity∞: A good way to control paper flow?
I have a major problem with paper flow in my house. We get mail and want to keep it, but it just piles up. I need to shred some of it, file some of it, and just hold onto some of it, but it’s hard to keep up with it all. My toddler is scared of the shredder and since my husband works about 60+ hours a week, there’s no one to take him off my hands long enough for me to take care of it. I can’t do it when he’s sleeping because it would just wake him up. What are some ways you control paper in your home? Do you file everyday? I am just sick of all the paper. I would much rather get an email than something in the mail. At least an email doesn’t take up counter space!

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Answer by Geezer
Does your husband have a shredder where he works? If so, give all that stuff to him. The key is to get rid of the trash immediately and deal with the easy stuff immediately. Put the stuff to be filed in a box and do your filing about once a week. Set aside a block of time to deal with the more important items.
(I know of someone who got on as many junk mail lists as possible! Every day the postman brought a big carton full of junk mail, which this guy put in his wood-burning stove to keep his house warm!)

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Is it possible to grow plants in paper?

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by rick

Question by rockthisworld: Is it possible to grow plants in paper?
I have a shredder and I was wondering if you could technically use the shredded paper as filling for a pot to grow some plant…an oak tree for example?

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Answer by naranjas99@sbcglobal.net

I have grow Beans plants on pots filled with paper… It actually works !

I’m not sure about the oak tough…

If you can make it, please let me know ! :)

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what are the disadvantages and advantages of a paper shredder?.?

Question by lovely: what are the disadvantages and advantages of a paper shredder?.?

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Answer by gtavc94
Everyone should own a shredder to protect themselves from identity theft. Some bad things about them are you have to clean out the paper which can be messy if it spills, and cheap shredders will break if used frequently.

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Question by Brando: Silent Paper Shredder?
I want a paper shredder but many sound like a chainsaw, I want to know the name of a quiet one and I know there is one out there because my school library had one.

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Answer by Lizzie
yeah. Its called scissors.

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Buy a paper shredder or use a service?

Question by JeffTny: Buy a paper shredder or use a service?

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Answer by Bijay Singh
what do you mean?

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Fax Machines & Printers : How to Load Paper Into a Fax Machine

To load paper into a fax machine, open the paper tray, adjust it to the right size and place half of a ream of 20-pound paper into its designated space. Load paper into a fax machine, whether it be letter or legal size, withinformation from a business machine repairman in this free video on fax machines and printers. Expert: Steve Munoz Bio: Steve Munoz has 32 years of experience repairing and selling business machines, such as fax machines, printers, cash registers, typewriters and shredders. Filmmaker: Todd Green
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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by toner

Question by chargerman: Since the Obama administration insist on shedding the constitution?
why don’t everyone buy a cheap paper shredder and send the to the white house and congress? Just think a couple of million shredders showing up in Washington DC.

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Answer by Adam B
Really? In what way is the Obama administration “shedding” the Constitution? Can you explain this comment, or is it only targeted toward people who already agree with you?

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